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About Sleep Sales

     The world of Home Sleep Testing is growing at an accelerated rate, One of the main factors for this growth is due to the introduction of Testing for Sleep Apnea in the Primary Care and Ambulatory Surgery Setting, as this shift begins to emerge, more providers will now have the ability to screen and test their patients for Sleep Apnea. There clearly is a need to begin screening your patients, Research studies and Clinical trials are being conducted and identifying new affiliations among Obstructive Sleep Apnea with very serious health issues.

    There are multiple challenges and hurdles to overcome when first creating an internal patient flow, this is why choosing SleepSales to assist your healthcare practice is a crucial decision. SleepSales has successfully overcome these very same challenges and has successfully introduced this additional revenue stream into countless Primary Care and Ambulatory Surgery Centers.


     SleepSales offers full onsite trainings for physicians, nurses and designated staff . Implementation includes custom screening material, software setup, patient follow up procedures and billing support. If you have any questions, please contact us either by email or phone and speak to a SleepView® specialist  today.